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Dolly on TV!

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Dolly Pattern signs 2 year deal with crafting TV giant!


.... And breathe!

I'm delighted to announce that television crafting giant Create and Craft TV, part of the Ideal Shopping Direct based out of Peterborough, have fallen in love with Dolly and her range of easy, fun sewing patterns!

So much sew (pun!) that we've entered into a two year relationship with them to bring Dolly and friends to the big screen!

Over the last few months Dolly and I have been buried in paper work and preparation for what promises to be a colourful and informative first show with Create and Craft sometime after our screen test in March.

We kept the secret for as long as we could to make sure everything went to plan - the long awaited "oh-my-god-this-is-actually-happening" moment arrived when much loved Create and Craft presenter, Dan Bancroft, let the cat out of the bag on his social media feed - and we couldn't be more delighted to see the presenter's reaction to Dolly - image below.


Create and Craft TV sign Dolly Pattern in 2 year exclusive deal


They look like they are having lots of fun with Dolly!

Hopefully as much fun as you do sewing her and bringing her to life - and definitely as much as I have creating her.

We hope you'll tune in to support us - show dates to follow!  Stay tuned!


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