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Dolly's Fairy Wings Inspiration

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If you don't fancy using glitter felt for your Dolly Fairy Dress and Wings pattern, here's a great alternative to let your inner crafty roam free (in glitter!!!).

Using good quality craft felt and our Fairy Wing template, you can create unlimited and unique glitzy patterns with fabric glitter glue.  Be sure to use a glitter glue that is designed for fabric and that has a fine dispensing nozzle.


The trick to this is keeping the nib moving and the flow of glitter steady.  A few hard shakes before you begin to ensure the glitter glue has no air bubbles in the spout will stop any splattering that may occour when the bubbles escape nozzle.


Glitter glue is available in a variety of colours from most craft stockists.  Use multiple colours of glitter glue and even different coloured felt for the back and front of the wings.

Sew gems, sequins or whatever you fancy onto your wings and set your creative pixie FREE!

Here's a printable template of some fairy swirls for you to swipe ... Click the pdf logo to go to the document.

 Download the fairy decoration template


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