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A wonderful world awaits ...

make a custom rag doll download pattern now

Dolly Pattern's easy to understand sewing patterns are ready for you to create unique, unusual totally custom rag dolls and slightly bonkers dress-up outfits for them with a modern, trendy feel!

Each hand drafted digital pattern comes with easy to understand instructions and fabric suggestions and prints in a handy checklist format and is available for instant download!

If I can sew them so can you!  Dolly pattern is perfect for beginners, adventurous novices, and pro's looking for fun projects, stash busting ideas or a modern twist on traditional rag dolls to boost your sewing confidence or just provide project satisfaction and giggles!

Who will you choose to bring to life?


10mm black safety eyes - 1 Pair

1 pair of 10mm safety eyes for making Dolly. Two plastic eyes are provided with washers on a Dolly Pattern product card.

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