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About us

An Independent, Small Batch, Learn To Sew Subscription Box That Educates.

Your Dolly Pattern sewing subscription will build your confidence in your stitching abilities using an adorable Rag Doll as its foundation project.

Why a rag doll as the project?

Who is this subscription for?

What will we be sewing?

What's the educational value?


Develop your sewing skills by creating a unique rag doll and her wardrobe of clothes and outfits.

We welcome beginner sewists and dolly ninja's alike, we strive to deliver a great product, a lot of personality and keep our tribe of fun crafters happy with energetic and vibrant content that you can actually, really use!

Learning to sew with Sheryl, Dolly's creator and pattern maker will ready you for bigger projects for your home, wardrobe and gifts.  Expanding your knowledge of fabrics, patterns and techniques to transfer into anything you would like to tackle.

Your Tutor, Sheryl

Sheryl long owner and creator of Dolly Pattern

She's always had an affiliation with all things fabric and thread. Both her grandmothers' are brilliant at sewing and her first stitches were made in the 1980's on a cast off pale yellow 'Elna' (the one where you changed the cogs to change the stitch effects!).

Sheryl's first creation was an extremely dodgy (now absolutely priceless!) applique cushion cover made of felt in the shape of an ice-cream sundae - produced one drizzly English summer day with Nana Louisa in North Devon.

The hunt for engaging sewing patterns is always on with Sheryl, who has created Dolly Pattern to be a fun resource to inspire your creative sewing and gather together a community of like minded crafters.

Your project, Dolly

Dolly Pattern headshot
At only 20" high (yep - we do 'old money' measurements!) Dolly is FULL to the brim with mischief! This cheeky fashionista regularly gets herself into a pickle and often needs Sheryl's help to wrangle her way out of it!
Dolly's imagination really knows no limits - hence she needs an expansive and varied wardrobe of natty costumes and clothes to live out her dreams. 
Her partner in crime, Doug is usually seen being co-ersed into Dolly's next mad-cap plan.
She's our resident office biscuit burglar and gossip companion and an all round good egg.
We love Dolly and we know you will too!


Make Dolly now

Our Journey So far

Dolly Pattern was created by a crafter. Important because we know exactly what we're doing and how best to serve you.

In mid summer 2017, Dolly and Sheryl signed a 2 year deal with mega making giants Create and Craft TV to bring the joy of Dolly and her educational sewing experiences to the nation.

Since then 100s of happy sewists have joined the monthly Dolly subscription club and enjoyed FREE, expert sewing tuition from Sheryl whilst they make their Dolly and her wonderful wardrobe of bespoke garments.

Sheryl runs the whole shebang.  From product design, to photography, to the very active Facebook group and is the girl that packs all the parcels - mostly single handed, sometimes with the help of her amazingly supportive family.