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Doll Patterns

Your next crafting adventure starts here!


doll making kit dolly pattern

Get your Dolly Pattern project off to a head start and download our digital sewing pattern to make a large 20" custom rag doll of your very own!


Choose your doll's hair colour and skin tone to create the cutest, cheekiest dolly you'll ever make!
Once made, you'll have an adorable sewing room sidekick for life and more excuses to craft fun costumes and clothing for her using our bonkers patterns and your own fabric stash.  Set her on your workbench of shelf to admire.
Making Dolly will introduce you to a variety of sewing skills, help you to build confidence in the ones you already have and develop your doll's own character through the design and fabric choices you make.
Starter pattern bundles (that include a costume pattern) are available below.  They are ideal for beginning your crafting journey with us at a great value for money bundle price ... Add more costumes for your Dolly as you go!
What you'll need for the basic Doll:

"I've really enjoyed making the rag dolly today.  I'm fairly new to sewing but your instructions were so easy to follow. I've got all the other pieces cut out for the unicorn onesie!" - Lynne, UK