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Dolly's Guide to Shirring

Shirring - not just for sheep!

I joke, that would be 'shearing' but it's pronounced the same so who am I to ignore a quality pun?

... bad puns are life. Fact.


In dressmaking, it's loading your bobbin with elastic thread (specially made for the purpose) and sewing in parallel lines to achieve a gathered effect.

It adds shape and gathers to a plain fabric.

You can often see it used on summer tops, smocked toddler dresses and boho inspired garments.

Here's a little video introduction into the simplest of shirring techniques.

Pattern used: Dolly's traditional rag doll dress, part of our monthly subscription programme designed to teach you new dressmaking techniques on a smaller scale to build your sewing confidence for those larger (more costly!) projects.


How to load shirring elastic into your bobbin:

An example of simple shirring.

... On dolly's traditional raggy doll costume bodice.

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