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What is a 'Long Quarter'?


Well, it's not something I made up given my surname (long), sorry!

In fact we are all fairly familiar with the term 'fat quarter'.  A fat quarter is 50cm up the selvedge by half a width of the bolt of fabric.  In actual quilting/sewing terms it's classed as approximately 18" x 22".

So what is a 'Long quarter' and how can you make Dolly from one?

Well a long quarter is roughly the same square inches as a fat quarter but is cut as a full width of the fabric.  This means it is approximately 25cm x 112 cm if using a 44 ins wide craft cotton like we sell for Dolly.

None of Dolly's pattern pieces exceed the height of an A4 piece of home printing paper.  Therefore, it is much easier than switching and turning pieces around to fit on an fat quarter, to supply you with a long quarter for making Dolly.  Same square inch real estate; less hassle.

However, as a traditional Long Quarter is only 25 cm high, we have cut ours to be 30 cm high.  And Dolly fits excellently!

Here is a cutting layout of how to minimise fabric waste when cutting Dolly pieces on a Dolly pattern long quarter (30 cm x 112 cm):

The greyed out pattern pieces are the ones that need cutting on the reverse.


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