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Dolly Ninja Hall Of Fame!


A big pat on the back for these clever Dolly fans that have done a super job on their Dolly Patterns and been awarded our highest accolade - Dolly Ninja!

Want your Dolly Ninja Award?  Simply Facebook or email us a photograph of your Dolly makes to with a short phrase we can quote you on!




"Dolly is finished, my husband has been threading needles all night to help me get her hair finished😂.  She is made from fleece as my 11 month old daughter loves it."

 Sandy C:

"So, this happened today!"



Elaine M:

"This is my first one"




Jenny B:

"Busy couple of days making Dolly and some outfits to keep her respectable! Lol looking forward to making more."




Jacqui C:

"Here are Lucas & Lucie, I made for my GrandTwinnies Ben & Bella. I made them to go into their Christmas Eve Box & they just adored them!"




Jane F:

"Molly Mermaid is finished . Made her a jacket as even mermaids feel cold x loved every stitch . Nativity next x"




"My 2nd Dolly work in progress. I'm loving how she is coming together 😍"



Jane (again!):

My newest Dolly ready for a special little girl at Christmas 👧



"Remember poor ‘Dolly’ who had her legs shortened by the over enthusiastic use of scissors.....well here she is...with the addition of leg lengthening bloomers, a reversible frock, complete with emergency toast pockets and botched together felt hair. she perhaps belongs in the ‘special Dolly’ section but my wee granddaughter loves her. Thank you Cheryl for the wee surprises included with my witch order. Wish me luck with round 2."



"Just finished witchy Dolly."




"Now just need to make her pj's"



"So here is Dolly completed and dressed in her unicorn onesie, didn't have any gold vinyl so used a pink glitter vinyl."



"Morning Sheryl,

Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing Dolly (kit).  I have just finished her.  Hope you like her - picture attached.



"Finished my first try of Dolly 👧🏼
The dressmaking was a lot trickier than I thought, but practice makes perfect ✔️
And that hair........oh my! My fingers are sore from attaching each strand, I might have overdone it a bit, well a lot but I love her "




"I have made dolly for my 4 year old niece and she has named her Rosie 💗"



Kathy, Kingston Upon Hull:

"Received my Dolly pattern kit and fantasy pattern kit and just thought I would share a photo of the finished dolly. I ordered the red hair as an extra as my 17 month old granddaughter is getting beautiful red hair and her mummy and daddy wanted her to have a red headed dolly. I found the instructions very easy to follow and have really enjoyed making her, needless to,say she will have a beautiful wardrobe of clothes to,swap,and change into. I will be ordering more of the patterns to build her wardrobe up too".



Wendy, Wirral:

"Her name is Tatty short for Tatiana (because her hair was a bit tatty when she was first made). Thanks, Wendy x"



Miss C. Age 13 from South Wales:

Miss C's Mum writes - "Well I have to say what a wonderful Dolly kit! My 13 yr old daughter had her kit on Thursday evening and dolly was made (with some hair) by 22:00 that same evening!!

She really liked the instructions as they were clear and easy to follow, tick boxes made it easy too.

This was the first time my daughter had made anything like this with her sewing machine (Brother FS-40).

As you can see from the picture she could not leave Dolly naked and attempted temporary pj’s!

The kit was beautifully packaged, really can’t recommend this enough it’s great. Looks like Doug may be joining the family too!!"


Sally G from Peterborough:

"Just wanted to say I have really enjoyed making this as a gift, Have the party dress and cross over dress to finish but thought I would show you my make. The wings are made using bosal (type of quilting foam) and satin which have come out quite nicely 😀 Thank you for the great patterns too xxxx"


Jeanette C's Dashing Doug!

"Thank you for the hints and tip video, it did help.  Just finished Doug.  I’m just cutting out dolly so he has company.  My hubby thinks I’ve lost the plot!"




Diana R:

"Thank you. I really enjoyed making her x"


Jeanette C's amazing spotty Unicorn!

"Hi,  Thought you'd like to see my first ever dolly. I've not been sewing very long (about 18 months) so I'm very pleased with myself.

Its a gift for my granddaughters birthday this Friday.

Thank you for a very easy to follow pattern."



Jo V:

"Dolly now with her new owner in scotland"


Sandy, New Zealand: 

"I have downloaded the Fantasy Pack and to say these are addictive may be an understatement!  This is Rosie with her Unicorn Onesie"


Sharon R: 

"Thank you so much for my Dolly Pattern, I added a couple of features individual to us ... Her name is Pippe"


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