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Sheryl's Favourtie 5 Sewing Gadgets

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So you know those things that you rummage around your sewing room for because they are indispensibly useful - well, I've made you a video of my top 5 sewing room must haves.

EDIT *yes, I call the tweezers pliers HAHA, I know!*

Here it is:



These are my top five in a nutshell:

  1. Bobbin keepers - little rubber bungs for the top of your thread spools to keep thread and bobbins together and ready for action!
  2. Pinking Shears - Just the best thing since, well, normal scissors!  Great for clipping curves and stopping fabric edges fraying.  You won't regret investing in a pukka pair of pinkers!
  3. Bias Binder Makers - In various sizes for making your own bias binding.  Just super clever and versatile with uses for many projects including quilting, dressmaking and of course Dolly Patterning!
  4. Long Tweezers - Think of them as a miniature pair of fingers for all those fiddly jobs under the machine.  A million sewing room uses, I guarantee you'll wonder what you ever did without a pair!  Especially useful for use with an overlocker.
  5. My Crochet Cactus Pincushion - CUTE, prickly and totally adorable.  You can crochet your own - search 'crochet cactus' on pinterest or follow Dolly Pattern on Pinterest for more sewing fun and community chatter.

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