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A Hallowe'en Spook-tacular!

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halloween sewing craft rag doll soft toy

The first Special Edition Collection has been launched!

I'm so excited for this Hallowe'en collection of rag doll patterns.  My personal favourite is Frankendoug!  Frankendoug see's our Douggy get a totally new head shape and hairline to play the role of a not-so-scary Frankenstein's monster - but he's TOO CUTE!  Extra fun details like the silver domed buttons on shanks as his neck bolts make us very happy crafters indeed!

After a very warm welcome, Doug, our boy rag doll is here to stay.  He's going to keep Dolly company and I'm sure they'll get up to a lot of antics together!

This brand new collection includes Doug for the first time in a bundle deal, with modifications to sew Frankendoug.

I made Dolly in green cotton poplin skin and used stripy polycotton for her legs to transform her into a glamourous witch - Purple hair works really well too!

I'm sure they will become family favourites and adorn your front room this Hallowe'en season.

Sneak Peek:  Christmas is coming up next - we've lots of super ideas that are currently being drawn up and designed.

Go get your spook on over at the store - There's a new 'seasonal' page where you can check out the Hallowe'en collection in all it's glory!

Sheryl x

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