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Easy layered felt number appliques

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make felt numbers applique

This handy tutorial accompanies our Dolly Pattern Varsity Hoody digital pdf sewing pattern to fit Dolly - It has many other uses which you can apply it to, like decorating a tote bag or making a brooch for example.

1. Download the FREE number outline template here and print a copy.

2.  Choose your two digit number!  Your lucky number, the shirt number of your favourite sports player or the last two numerals of the year we're in e.g. 17, all work really well.

3. Cut around the heavy black line of the number pattern and pin it to your choice of coloured felt (not the white, or whatever you've chosen for the background/bottom layer).

4.  Cut your numbers out of the felt

5.  Cut a piece of the bottom layer felt in a rectangle 1 or 2 cm larger than the coloured number in all directions.  Pin the coloured number on top, in the centre.

6.  Machine stitch close to the edge of the coloured number around the edge of the number, through both layers ...

When you reach a corner, make sure your sewing machine needle is DOWN, lift the presser foot, pivot the work and put the presser foot down again and carry on sewing in the new direction.  This ensures crisp, sharp corners.

7.  When you complete the perimeter and come to where you started stitching, pull all threads to the back of the work, knot and trim.

8.  Using small scissors (I just love mine tooo much, so cute!) .. trim away the excess white felt leaving a 3 mm border of white showing.  The font I've selected for the template is squared off so each stroke of your scissors is straight for ease.

9. Attach number to your Dolly hoody by stitching through the white layer only, around the edges, as close as you can to the coloured number.

When working on small things like this, I sometimes use the hand wheel on my machine to do the last few individual stitches rather than let the motor run away with me and stitch too far!

Have fun!

Sheryl x

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