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Choosing your Dolly's Look

I've put together this handy info-graphic so you can easily see which colours we recommend for making Dolly in which combinations.

Simply select your skin tone, and the complementary colour of pre-cut hair yarn we would select given the opportunity!

Skin Tone 4: This is pale and suited best to red hair (I would actually embroider french knots in a matching embroidery silk as freckles for fun!)

Skin Tone 1, 6 & 5: Will all suit Gold, Brown or Black hair

Skin Tone 2 & 3: Would be most successful with Brown or Black hair

Top tips: 

  • Look to nature to see what works best.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment!
  • You can use any colours you like, this is only a guide.  We frequently play about and recently used green skin and purple hair in some our creations including our Halloween pattern collection!

All skin toned fabric and pre-cut dolly hair yarn is available for the shop on our 'supplies' page.


how to choose skin and hair colours for a rag cloth doll


Sheryl x


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