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Make a Doll's Clothes Rail from Copper Pipe

Inspiration Makes

Hey All,

Today I realised that Dolly needed somewhere to hang all her lovely outfits we're making for her here at Dolly HQ.  I needed a clothes rail - A Dolly sized one.

I raided my local hardware store and was inspired by some rather shiny copper pipe (copper is so 'in' right now huh?!).  I used 9mm pipe as it fits the hooks on the coat hangers we use at dolly HQ (available in the shop!).  If you use wider pipe just be certain you can use your own hangers on it!

If you want to make your own just follow my steps, any questions please ask!


Things you'll need:

  • 2m x 9mm copper pipe (mine came on a roll, I just straightened it out as I needed it).
  • 6 x 90 degree copper angle joints (to fit your pipe!)
  • 2 x 'T' junction copper joints
  • Junior hacksaw with metal cutting blade
  • Measuring stick, tape or steel rule
  • Marker pen


Step one:

Cut 3 lengths of copper pipe at 17" long using the hacksaw

Cut 4 lengths at 2" each while you're at it.

Step two:

Using one of the 17" lengths, push a right angled joint onto each end.  Make sure the ends of the right angle brackets point the same direction - downwards!

This will make the cross bar at the top.

use copper pipe to make a dolls clothes rail

Step three:

Make a 'foot' by inserting a 2" piece of pipe in either side of the 'T' junction, then, push a 90 degree right angled joint on either end as in the image below.

Repeat for the other set of 2" pipes to give you two 'feet' in total.

use copper pipe to make the base feet of a doll wardrobe rail

Step four:

Using 2 other sections of 17" copper pipe, create two upright legs by pushing a raw end into the top hole of each of the 'T' junctions of the feet.

make a doll wardrobe rail

make a dolls clothes rail

Step five:

Use the top bar created in step two to join the two legs together by pushing the open end of the right angled bracket onto the open end of the leg pipe.

make a clotehs rail from copper pipe for dolls

Step six:

Load with gorgeous Dolly costumes, outfits and clothes! Clothes hangers from

completed copper pipe clothes rail for dolly

clothes dress rail for doll clothes

I hope you enjoy having a go at making this - it was very simple and cost around £14 in hardware, looks the part and provides a stylish solution to displaying your beautifully made Dolly Patterns.

Sheryl x



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