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Sheryl long

SO just who is behind Dolly and her bonkers array of outfits?  Err, me - Hi!  I'm Sheryl! *waves* ...

Just so you know, that's me in the photo (I was having a GOOD hair day so we went for it!).

Dolly was created purely by accident, and, like the best love stories, completely by chance.  Call it fate if you like.  Actually, truth be told, the first Dolly I ever made was for a completely different purpose; to show children what my idea of an imaginary fairy that worked with me looked like!  (Yes, in my day job I was working with a fairy .. don't ask!  Or do ask, and I will happily share the very long winded version but it's kinda my party piece when I've had a few cocktails!)  Anyway, the children loved and engaged with Dolly so much, I wanted to make more and so the concept of Dolly Pattern was born.  At least I knew how to sew - the rest couldn't be *that* hard, right?  WRONG.

Making sewing patterns is pretty hardcore -  I've discovered parts of unicorns and mermaids no one should have to see!  Don't worry, that's why I've done it for you and set it out rather prettily for you to download and sew with easy to follow instructions and a handy tick box to boost your sense of satisfaction once you've completed each step.

Looking at Dolly and her expanding wardrobe now don't think I was crackers at all in bringing such a fun, kooky girl to the masses.

I know you'll love making Dolly for FREE using the dolly pdf sewing pattern I have chosen to gift Dolly's followers for no bucks, NADA, zilch, zero.  I only ask that you do make her and fulfill her natural potential - an un-sewn dolly is a crime!  Actually, so is a naked one!  You'd best check in with us afterwards and get her some clothes or maybe a costume pattern to bring her bang upto date with the latest trends!

There's a little bit of Dolly in all of us I'm sure, I will certainly keep indulging my inner Dolly and I hope you'll join our little club of Dolly Mumma's


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