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Flamingo is A Go-Go!

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New pattern releases are always fun.

This one takes pride of place as one of my favourites.  I'm, flamingo MAD.

9 year old Jemima drew me a very good picture of her interpretation of a flamingo costume for Dolly, which formed the basis of the idea for this tropical design.

I'd experimented with ways of making Dolly into a flamingo, but of course the flamingo's most recognisable feature - it's long neck- didn't translate very well into a costume.  After chatting to Jemima, it came upon us that we could make the neck of the flamingo into the halter neck of the dress (up and around her shoulders).

This left a fabulous opportunity to use the flamingo's eye as a button fastening to give some brilliantly thought out detail to the outfit - something Dolly fans will know I always strive for something quirky or unusual in my designs.

Making the wrap over dress and straps in the same colour skin cotton fabric as DOlly's main body meant that the neckline appears almost invisible... A little trick I have borrowed from dance and theatre costume makers (think Strictly Come Dancing!).

The felt feathers are chain stitched in embroidery floss to give a very easy and effective embellishment, AND it makes them curl up slightly for texture.  Just like a real bird!

The idea to sew iridescent sequins as droplets of tropical water to the multi layers of tulle and net on the skirt was another great idea which adds sparkle and interest as well as teaching sewist's a new skill.  Personally, I always want to glitter and sparkle ANYTHING I make for Dolly, but these sequins add just enough glitz and glamour for me.

The flamingo costume is easier to make than it looks, making it a triumph to teach and demonstrate.  It really pulls lots of clever and easy techniques together to give the combined overall effect of 'WOW'!

Dolly and her Flamingo costume are available as a Limited Edition Complete Kit for starting out, the costume is also available as a costume only pattern for those of you who have already made Dolly and are looking to expand on her wardrobe.

Sheryl x



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