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Building Dolly's TV Studio!

Sheryl Long in her home TV studio for craft demonstrations


Hi all!

One of the things I really wanted to do with Dolly Pattern was offer comprehensive tutorials and support for all our products.  I thought we'd do a series of how-to videos until I realised I had no where to film them!

We're in the middle of a re-model of our home.  It basically looks like a building site - not the best backdrop for a serious professional sewist or craft vlogger!

As chance would have it, my folks were getting rid of 2 double kitchen cabinet carcasses and an MDF worktop that had been cut to fit it.  So, over the course of a weekend, I spent some time restoring it and up-cycling it into what I now call the "Dolly Trolly"!

It's awesome!

I mounted the 2 cabinets together with bolts through their centre panels and then braced the joint and four corners from underneath with heavy industrial rubber castors (lockable).

Then I screwed the top down, filled all the holes and sanded the edges.

On the front, I screwed tongue and groove planks to the exterior from top to bottom, treated them with knotting fluid and then added a beading at the top to cover all the screws and the join with the MDF lid.

After 2 coats of satin paint I was done - and the best thing of all?  LOADS of storage!

From the front, It's a TV set and can be wheeled in front of my up and over cabinet in my workroom to create a pro studio space.  From the back, it's open plan and holds a variety of literature and kit making supplies. And, it rolls away against my workroom wall for use as an extra work surface when it's not being used for filming.  Truly multifunctional!

Some construction pics and the finished article for you below.

Go Upcycling!

I added the handmade bunting to the front in my advertising colours, and, TA-DAH!


Sheryl xx

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