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Back to School with Sheryl & Dolly

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Don't be shocked, but ....

My biggest stumbling block, and the one thing that held me back when I began sewing many moons ago was CONFIDENCE!

The most simple and most critical pieces of equipment that my 'kit' was missing was the *actual* sewing!

I had the fancy (expensive) computerised machine*
I had the sharpest scissors.
Sewing room? Check!
Had the books, the mags and the fabric stash too!


Yet the thought of actually starting filled me with crippling dread!

What I really needed was someone by my side to show me what to do.  Someone that had been there and wouldn't judge me. In hindsight, I also needed a project where getting it perfect didn't matter!

Of course, 25 years of sewing experience later, I'm here to offer new sewists JUST THAT.

Hence, Dolly Pattern was born.  Not only is making an adorable Dolly with outfits fun, but it's highly educational in such a way that you won't realise the ton of things you're learning whilst completing her with me at your side.  Well, cyber-side that is!

Okay, so not 'technically' back to school - but a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills, stretch your mind and explore your creativity with Dolly - my secret teaching weapon that very cleverly lets you tackle dressmaking techniques on a small scale ready for the big ones!  And here's the real beauty - you can do it at YOUR speed.

The Dolly Kit has a FULL step-by-step video vault of it's own.  Did you know that?  Inside the kit lid is a link for you to register for the FREE sew-a-long to make Dolly and a selection of her favourite costumes.

Each costume is designed to strengthen and broaden your sewing knowledge base whilst making your cute Dolly and they all have different techniques to master!

Once you've made Dolly, your confidence will sky rocket and you'll be able to go make that blouse you've been stashing material for!  By that time, we're bound to be well acquainted and you'll have my personal email - so you can feel free to hit me up and ask my advice or show me your amazing makes (and your pet pictures .. ALWAYS send me those!).

Did I mention there's also a thriving community of Dolly Pattern Sewists on Facebook waiting to welcome you?

If you see the pop up that offers you to learn to sew with me, do it.  You will love every moment.

I'll see you inside :)


* I later realised that I didn't need fancy gadgets - they weren't gonna make me sew better if I didn't learn how to use them first!

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