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10 Meaningful Sewing Gifts to Give This Christmas


There's two paths to take here, and I'm going to go into both.

Handmade gifts are simply THE BEST

Gifts that promise your time and friendship ... well, are also THE BEST.

I've been the lucky recipient of both on many occasions.  And (I'm just going to throw this out there) I've also received many lovely sewing themed presents from haberdashery to expensive machines!

In my time, I have been gifted, in no particular order, A wooden sewing box, sewing books, a dress form, an extension table for my machine, pinking shears and a trip to Barry's fabrics in Birmingham for a fabric stash shopping trip/day out.


Craft really is the gift that keeps on giving.  Not only can you spark an interest in a new hobby for someone dear, you can actually spend time with that special someone making fabulous projects and passing on your sewing passion and knowledge.

Honestly, there's nothing like a bit of bonding over some needle and thread.  Maybe this is the true spirit of Christmas?  Giving your time.

So, without further ado .. here's a list of sewing themed gifts you could put together this year for someone special!

Membership to a sewing club

Crafting with friends is good for the soul.  In these disconnected times, getting together to craft is a wonderful motivation to meet people and share tips with giggles galore.  Start your own club by promising your grandchildren to meet once weekly after tea for craft time, or invite a friend round to sew.  May beautiful memories happen.

Make a 'Beautiful Box'

My mother in law did this for our daughter - simply collect ribbons, buttons, sequins and beads and things from your own stash into a little sewing box and let their imagination do the rest.  For the young, the tactile contents will ignite a curiosity in crafting - and well, you'll be there, watching, to nurture their interest!

Collate A Starter Stash

Gather together some fat quarters of fabrics and write a Christmas Card for the promise of a trip to your local fabric store (and maybe a stop at your favourite coffee shop!).  This is really a gift to yourself as much as the person you're giving it to - but I won't tell!

For the more adventurous

Stretch their imagination by making a hamper containing a book about pattern drafting, some pattern paper and a french curve to inspire them to design their own patterns.  Or, how about a pattern drafting evening class or workshop?

A Soft Toy Kit

You didn't think you were going to get through this with no mention of Dolly did you?


Well , she is adorable, fun to sew and very educational.  Sewing Dolly is a unique way to teach yourself or someone else to sew with the ability to expand her wardrobe and try more techniques.  She doesn't have to be perfect which makes her the IDEAL first project.

Or, you can make Dolly and gift her already made as a wonderful heirloom gift with a sweet personal touch - don't forget she can be personalised to look like the recipient if you wish.

Get the Complete Dolly Making Kit here.

Sewing Retreat/Getaway

If you want to make a splash, how about booking a short break at a sewing studio that provides accommodation alongside expert tuition?

If you're the lady who has everything she needs, you could even ask those pestering you for gift ideas to pitch in and send you on a residential craft retreat.  What can be more perfect that a few days away of 24/7 crafting?

For sewing retreats in the breathtaking Wye Valley try Crafticalia.  They have amazing teachers, equipment and comfy accommodation for up to 4 sewists at a time.  How much wine you take with you is up to you!  Courses range from beginners workshops to dedicated overlocker weekends.  Full disclosure:  I will be holding a Dolly Pattern retreat there on 26th & 27th January 2019 if your diaries are handy?

Their own Fabric Scissors

... and a combination padlock to match.  I'm Serious!

If they don't yet have a pair of fabric shears or pinking shears, give them a set.

Be sure to include a piece of silver in your gift - folk lore says that you must partner scissors or knives with a silver coin to prevent them from 'cutting' the friendship.  Did you know that?  I still keep the 20p given to me with my pinking shears by Dad. True fact.

The padlock, well that's so that no one can 'borrow' them to cut anything but fabric!

 A Starter Sewing Machine

For about a hundred pounds, you can pick up a decent starter sewing machine to see whether the new hobby will take flight.  Although, to be honest, if you can spend a little more you may get a better build quality to see them through the experimental phase and on to more involved projects.

Sewing Box and Starter Accessories

This one is self explanatory.  However, a nice touch is to include some vouchers for an hour or two of sewing time with you.

Start Their Own Resource Library

A few good sewing books goes a long way.  Whether you think they might enjoy a book about bag making, quilting, soft toys or making curtains.  Having resources on hand is really incredible.  Or how about a subscription to a sewing magazine?


These are just a few of my ideas - I bet you can come up with some too.

I wish I could see all their faces on Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas.

Sheryl & Dolly xxoo

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