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5 x Skin Tone Cotton Long Quarter Log


A long quarter of 5 of Dolly's available skin tones in rich cotton.

1 long quarter each of:


Skin tone 1: Original Dolly Peach/Pink/European

Skin Tone 2:  Olive/Asian

Skin Tone 3: Dark brown/Black/African American

Skin Tone 4: Pale/nude/Scandinavian

Skin Tone 6: Tan


A long quarter measures the full width of the fabric at 112 cm x 22cm high, however, Dolly's long quarters have been modified to fit the height of an A4 sheet of the pattern for dolly meaning each long quarter is 122cm wide x 30cm high.

This long quarter pack of fabric is beautifully swished into a delectable roll of inclusivity - because everyone is beautiful <3

You can read how to minimise waste and layout your pattern for Dolly on a long quarter piece of material, here.