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Dolly's Exciting future...

Sheryl & Family unite to offer expert sewing tuition for ALL aspects of sewing!


After a little break to re-assess what our treasured customers and subscribers *really* want, and how best we can serve you all, we have developed a FANTASTIC new, all encompassing sewing academy exclusive to members. will feature the very best sewing projects split into easy to use modules, each based on a different aspect of sewing.  

Think of it as an exclusive sewing academy with a twist - the twist is, you can join any of our sewing classrooms, on any subject/module in real time.  Interact in real time... ask questions, perfect skills and forge friendships in a live format ensuring your success!

Most of the feedback I get from you lovely people is that you really value the educational value and the community of making Dolly ... which got me thinking - I really have SO much more I can offer to teach you.  For example, did you know that I started my professional sewing journey as a curtain maker and drapier in Cornwall making soft furnishings for the likes of Rick Stein and the Queen!  

It was half way through hand finishing a pair of fabulous curtains for Kate Humble (Springwatch) that I had a 'light bulb moment' that you'd like to learn how to make them too!

So, with my love for chatting and my passion for teaching, I've teamed up with Mum and Dad (Fran & Rob) to provide the very best of online sew-a-longs, covering a variety of subjects with an element of fun and community.

A monthly membership site where YOU can pick and choose what you'd like to learn and the projects you'll benefit from following with me by your side.