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Betty's Angel - Sew-a-Long Videos

Welcome to the Betty's Angel sew-a-long!


The videos below will help you to follow and understand the steps to make a gorgeous asymmetric bodice angel gown and wings.





Finding The Bias.


Preparing And Hemming The Skirts.


Adding The Braid.

Assembling And Gathering The Skirts.

Pleating the bodice.

Lining And Making Up The Bodice.

Joining The Bodice and Skirt

Making The Wings.

Decorating The Feathers

Feather Placement

The following photos show each layer as it is added - but feel free to 'freestyle' them!  Start at the bottom tier and add the rows on top of the previous row.

Have fun!

First Row:

Second Row:

Third Row:

Uppermost outside edge feathers::

Forth Row:

Top Row: