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I'm going to take you through how to sew your Dolly step-by-step, as promised.

How to get the BEST out of these videos: 

  • Pause Points.  If you see the Dolly Pattern logo, that signifies that you're at a good 'pause point' to pause the video you're viewing and go and try that step before we move on.
  • Downloads. If I mention a download that accompanies the lesson, you can access it via the menu above that says 'Resources' and print it off for your file (or, save them on your computer in their own folder).
  • Watch the video's as many times as you need.
  • Don't be afraid of making mistakes - they are ALL re-doable!
  • Ask questions - you've got my email so please use it!
  • Have fun!

If you're question isn't covered here then please email me on for support.

Sheryl xxoo



Dolly's Cutting Plan

Pattern Markings Cheatsheet

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Making Dolly

Click on Dolly to open the making Dolly tutorial videos.

Monthly Costume Club How to Videos (by costume!)



Dolly's Ballgown.

Dolly's French City Chic Outfit with Shoes and Handbag.

Dolly's Artist Outfit.

Dolly's Bunny Costume

Dolly's Party Dress & Bolero

Dolly's Woodland Fairy Costume


Dolly's PJs and Dressing Gown


Betty's Angel - 2020 Christmas Special


Smart School Uniform

Traditional Raggy Doll Dress & Apron.


Dolly's Joggers.


SUPERDOLLY! (& Superdoug!)


Dr. Dolly/Dr. Doug


Dolly's Nightdress and Nightcap.