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Sheryl & Dolly invite you to

Sew a Rag Doll for FREE ...

... and learn the tricks of the trade from a sewing professional!

You can sew dolly!

The best thing about the sewing community is being able to share a passion for our craft - whatever our sewing ability! I'm Sheryl, Dolly's designer and I love to teach sewing skills.
For a limited time only, I am making my sewing pattern for Dolly (...and the step by step video tutorial to make her) available to you for FREE.

A short and helpful series of emails to help you succeed and boost your sewing confidence as you sew her will land in your inbox along with the digital pattern for Dolly to print out and make at home - Yours to keep forever.  For FREE.

To join in this fun educational experience, simply fill in the form below. Your Dolly pattern and a warm welcome await you.

Unlock the FREE pattern and full tutorial

Get the FREE pattern & Tutorial for Dolly

Experience the Joy of Dolly

Build your skills and sewing confidence with this one, fun project with Sheryl's help and expertise at your fingertips. Download the FREE pattern and have a ball!

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Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

Grow your sewing skills

Ask Sheryl!

Ask Sheryl for advice & Help

About Sheryl

I'm a lifelong sewist and maker of things with a passion for helping other people succeed.  I designed Dolly to teach sewing and make a welcoming community for beginner and improving sewers <3

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